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At Newport Eye Physicians, our mission is:  “To provide the most complete and effective ophthalmology eye care and treatment to our patients in a comprehensive, compassionate, and caring manner.” All of your eye-related needs including general eye exams, cataract eye care, LASIK, diabetes eye care, glaucoma treatments, eye consultations, Botox cosmetic, contact lenses, and designer eyewear are available.

Newport Eye Physicians gives you the convenience of visiting your eye doctor (an eye MD physician) at a central location in Newport Beach with ample free parking and priority appointment scheduling.  Our goal is to help you improve and maintain your excellent vision which is the gift of sight. Enjoy seeing; enjoy living!

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The opportunities for vision improvement are also greater than ever. Through the use of prevention, proper nutrition, dietary supplements, the diligent use of eye medications, optical, laser, and surgical approaches, most eyes can be benefited and improved in the quality of images they create. These enhanced images can in turn affect the overall quality of vision, one of our major sensory inputs. Comprehensive eye examinations which include testing for visual acuity, clarity, visual fields, contrast sensitivity, depth of field (stereopsis), and suggestions for treatments as needed, can directly impact our quality of life and levels of functioning.  A cataract is the name used to describe the lens of the human eye when that lens begins to become cloudy or opacified. With enough time, aging and exposure to the suns rays, nearly all eyes will develop some amount of cataract. When vision begins to be affected by a cataract and especially when poor vision causes difficulties with the activities of daily living, then treatment of a cataract is typically recommended. Cosmetic care of the skin and muscles around the eyes can make an enormous difference in the overall facial appearance. Botox, an FDA-approved muscle relaxant, is highly effective in reducing the tension lines and patterns of excessive expression produced around the eyes and face.  In fact, ophthalmologists were among the first to use this medicine for various eyelid conditions and concerns and discovered  early-on the benefits which were possible through Botox.
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  Newport Eye Physicians provides ophthalmology services in Newport Beach, California with special interests
and expertise in corneal and refractive services, anterior segment, glaucoma, diabetes, and cataract treatments.

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